Digital Strategies

social-media-social-networking-connectionsI am currently in the Middle East with fellow staff from all over the area. These are national workers who focus on doing evangelism and dicipleship that is augmented by digital technology.

This has allowed us to reach people in very oppressive areas of the world and to connect them with a community of believers.

A few months ago I was in Egypt with one of our teams that is doing discipleship via the internet. They have over 1200 people that they have helped grow in their faith over the last year. The primary means that people are wanting to interact with a community of believers in through their mobile phone.

My team has spent the last 4 months developing a mobile dicipleship system. Pray that God helps us to understand the needs of the local strategy so that we can build a solution that truly meets their needs. Also pray that we increase in our understanding of the technology so that we can effectively “teach them all things.”