Afraid but Curious

As a faithful Muslim in North Africa, Doria fulfilled all required rituals, visited Islamic holy sites, and fasted during Ramadan. However, the mother of six had heard of a growing trend in her nation—many were becoming followers of Jesus.

Doria had little understanding of the gospel. Then she met Metea. Doria explains, “She started telling me about Jesus and all that He was doing…but I felt very angry with her and wanted her to stop!”

Doria is from a sect of Islam that believes, “If you open your ears to false doctrines, demons will enter your body.” Members of this sect reportedly cover their ears and shake their heads to avoid listening. So as Metea explained the gospel, Doria became even more fearful. She felt polluted, compelled to meet with her imam to listen to correct doctrine, so the demons would not come.

“But then Metea promised to give me a DVD that would explain about Jesus,” Doria related. “Though I tried to avoid Metea, the next day I saw her. She gave me the promised DVD, Magdalena: Released from Shame. I was afraid; I was also curious.

“I watched the DVD at home. I have no words to explain what I felt as I watched. It was like I was in the story. I was so touched by the love, mercy, and righteousness of Jesus. So I prayed and asked Jesus for His forgiveness,” Doria explained. “I praise God that now I am His child, blessed to join other believers in a discipleship group. I am praying for the salvation of my husband and children, and I believe it will happen soon!”